Principal Bio

Don Burgess has conceived and produced over 4,000 special events over a twenty-five year career that includes work on many continents in every imaginable venue. His reputation for building and strengthening production teams while at the same time understanding, prioritizing and implementing fiscal responsibility and the art of meaningful negotiating has made him one of the most respected and sought after event producers working today.

Responsible for mammoth special events for such companies as Universal Studios and Walt Disney Entertainment, Don has put to use his extensive experience with state-of-the-art stunt and special effects to craft world-class spectaculars.

Don´s keen understanding of the needs and goals of corporate clients have enabled him to conceptualize and create industrial and corporate trade show productions that exceed client expectations.

With the formation of Creative Integrity, Don brings together some of the top talent in the event industry in a powerhouse of creativity and production.

Each of Creative Integrity´s projects is a direct result of Don´s guidance and his ability to mold the most effective team for each production.